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Rehire Stick

Bring Stick Stickly back to Nick

People who Want Stick Stickly back on Nick
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This is a community for the people who love Stick Stickly, the lovable character on Nickelodean, and for people who think that Nick should bring him back.

Reasons to Join

♠ If you love Stick Stickly
♠ If you think Nick should bring him back
♠ If you think the kids need better programming.
♠ If you like to remember the old days.
♠ If you just love Nick
♠ If you want to learn about Stick awareness.
♠ If Stick Stickly just rocks your socks.

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canineatheart and lishend


⇒ Be kind to other people
⇒ No flaming
⇒ Post things related to community
⇒ Don't be rude
⇒ intoduce yourself.
⇒ Have fun!


Stick Stickly
New York City, New York

"For years, one of Nickelodeon's most popular characters was Stick Stickly. He was the popsicle stick puppet host of Nickelodeon's "Nick in the Afternoon" summer programming block which aired weekdays from 3-5pm. Sadly, he is no longer used on Nickelodeon. Stick did alot of stuff contest promos for Kraft Foods and Toy R Us, a half-hour special called "Stuck!" (Cable Ace award nominee), Nick's 1997 New Year's Eve Special, and the '97 and '98 seasons of Nick in the Afternoon."

Our mission is to bring him back.